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Fire Safety Training: Extinguisher (2017)


Fire Safety extinguisher training was developed using our Apollo Framework. The application assesses the user on their fire extinguisher skills by getting them to quickly and effectively extinguish the fire. The user is given feedback at the end of the simulation based on their performance metrics.

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Class of Your Own (2017)

Design Engineer Construct! & Soluis

The Class of Your Own project for Design Engineer Construct! (DEC!) is an award winning accredited learning programme for secondary-school age students.

Using a project-based approach, DEC! allows for the application of academic subjects to the latest construction industry practices to create and inspire the next generation of Built Environment professionals.

360 Gallery

Digitalnauts 360 Gallery (2016)


360 Gallery was a as a demonstration of how easily Virtual Reality can be implemented on modern browsers.

The fully responsive web experience is a great demonstration of the reach which VR can have as it works on all modern mobile devices.

We use the gallery for our own adventures around the world, conferences we visit as well as 360 screen shots of our work.

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Barn Fire Safety: Classy Lane Stables (2016)

Classy Lane Stables

Every year, over a hundred thousand animals are killed in barn fires across Canada.

Data from the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management for the period 2008-2014 indicates $197.31 millions lost. These costs include those associated with building structures, but not equipment, agricultural products or livestock.

Developed to raise awareness for barn fire. This app uses Classy Lane's new barn with the latest fire safety features making it the best of his kind in North America. The virtual tour show the tragedy and what could have been done to avoid it.

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MyIBD Helper (2017)


MyIBDHelper is an cross platform mobile application that help people with inflammatory bowel disease to self manage their condition. A virtual assistant is available to answer all your questions related to IBD, give advice when a flare up occurs or book an appointment with their IBD specialist in the NHS.

This project is still in development and we are working closely with the NHS, Crohn’s & Colitis charities as well as our project partners DigitalTreeTop and IBM to procure funding and strategise the coming phases of development.

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Counter (2016)


Media-coop invited us to develop a mobile application for victims of stalking. It's technology for discreet evidence gathering. There are many issues around collecting evidence that can be legally used in court. It is even more difficult when you are an ongoing victim of a crime. Most stalkers are abusive former partners.

We worked closely with Rape Crisis Scotland, the new Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, Scottish Women’s Aid, Police Scotland, Crown Office and Prosecution Service, Victim Support Scotland and the Scottish National Stalking Group.

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Run Hide Survive (2017)


Terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom are becoming more frequent every year.

With the risk of an attack imminent in cities across the UK. Businesses and individuals require training focused on teaching them how to respond during a terrorist attack.

The module: Run, Hide, Survive trains individuals and businesses on how to react to a terrorist situation and provides excellent and crucial tools for individuals to both protect themselves and save lives.

We created a modern HTML5 eLearning module which provides multiple scenarios aimed at training individuals how to respond to attacks across multiple situations and environments.

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